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Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) Alerts Via Facebook

By JIM THOMAS -- Soft Serve News

Soft Serve News' Aurora Alerts Facebook page will send out Alerts when the Aurora Borealis is active.


Status updates will start be posted once the Space Environment Center Neural Net predicts a Geomagnetic Activity level (Kp number) of 3.9 or higher signifying the Aurora is reasonably active.

Once the first update goes out for an auroral event, updates will go out periodically until the storm dies down (Kp number goes below 2.5). But if the Aurora's intensity goes up or down more than 1.3 Kp from the last update, a new message will immediately go out. This way you'll know if storm is getting stronger or dying out.

There will be a final update once the Kp falls below 2.5 to basically signal the party is over.

No more posts will occur until the next time the Kp prediction spikes above the 3.9 level.

Of course you can always get the most current, real-time info at Aurora Borealis Forecast.

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