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Privacy and Data policy

As far as your personal info goes, it is best to look at the three types of customers that use our site. Then you can see what we use for each type of customer:


We don't collect any data.


We collect the email address you use to sign up for our customized three day forecast. We never share the address with anyone. We send a confirmation email basically to make sure that you actually signed up. You have to confirm that you signed up by clicking a link. After that, we may use your email to send you info on an upcoming solar storm watch, but we also will use it to market our Aurora Alerts service or maybe a t-shirt. We don't send out many marketing emails to be honest. All our marketing emails contain an unsubscribe link. Clicking that link will not only unsubscribe you but also delete your record from our database.


These are the people who keep this site open. Without them this site is gone. We collect billing information which is necessarily shared with the credit card processing company so the cards can be billed. The credit card numbers are deleted from the credit card processing company when customer closes his or her account. The credit card numbers are not stored on our site nor in our database.

If a customer cancels his account we direct the credit card processor to delete the credit card information and confirm that was done. We will contact the customer via email after his cancellation to see if down the line he or she might want to rejoin the service. All these contacts contain an unsubscribe link. If the customer clicks the link he or she will be unsubscribed and his or her record will be removed from our database.

We use cookies for our paying customers so they can move around the paid section (Alerts dashboard, Account section, etc.) without logging in each time.

Also if the customer requests that his or her information be removed outside of the way described above we will remove it manually.

If you have any concerns or questions: Email:

General Aurora Borealis Data notes

Occasionally there are data outage from the satellite, Air Force, NOAA or somehow along the line from creating the data and getting it to you. They don't happen too too often but they will occur. We cannot guarantee that the data will be available 100% of the time. Much of that is beyond our control unfortunately.

Satellite data outages normally happen on Tuesdays when NASA maneuvers the NOAA satellite, but to be honest, NOAA has greatly improved their uptime over the years. We'd estimate NOAA data streams are running over 95% uptime now (still room for improvement, but so so much better than they used to be).

Our Earth weather data streams, where we'll get the cloud cover at where you want to view the Aurora (remember the Aurora happens above the clouds), is up over 98% of the time.

There is one other important note regarding the Aurora. You should be cautious with your expectations. Sometimes the predictions don’t come true. Sometimes the kp number is big enough but still the Aurora is too faint to see. That happens quite a bit. Space weather predictions are about 50 years behind regular weather predictions. These are forecasts. Whether it is space weather or cloud cover forecasts, there are no guarantees. That should be kept in mind.

Subscription Policy for Aurora Alerts

You may cancel your subscription at any time for any reason. Credit card charges are prorated.

If your credit card expires or the card number is replaced we will endeavor to update that information via a service offered by the credit card processing company. If that fails we will contact you and request the updated information.

Additional Notes for the Iceland's Aurora Assistant App

In addition to the above, please note that although we do provide a 45 day max Kp forecast, the accuracy of the cloud cover forecasts for various spots in Iceland cannot be relied upon beyond 10 days. The weather data is just too chaotic to predict cloud cover at one location that far in the future. There is space for the data in the chart and we provide what the forecasters provide us, but beyond 10 days cloud cover info is not really accurate in the world of weather.

Also, there is no redistribution allowed of our data and the yearly access is not prorated. We grant access to the Iceland app for a year so people do not have to worry about the time running out if they change the date of their trip or if they extend it. We know most people will not use the app for the whole year. Please do not write us and say, "our trip's over give us part of our money back." Your payment grants access to the app for a year, but if you use it just for a day there is no prorated refund.


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